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Russian T-Shirt “Harley-Davidson,Moscow,Russia” black, lg

Added on October 31, 2014 in Harley Davidson T-Shirts
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Made in Moscow,Russia. 100% cotton.

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Made in Moscow,Russia. 100% cotton.


A. Prince says:

Coolest Harley Shirt Ever !!!!!!! This shirt actually came from Russia ! The postal label and all of the tags on it are in Russian ! Now THAT’S COOL ! Everything about the shirt is awesome ! I bought it for my daughter’s boyfriend for Christmas so when I wrap it, it will stay in the package it was mailed in because it’s all in Russian….. This is the coolest present ever !!!!!! Thanks !!!!!!

Terry Adrian says:

russian harley davidson t-shirt Great quality, however one must remember that in Russia or India a larger shirt Will find like a medium, so if you need a large order an X – large and you will very happy

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